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Please fill out the fields for all the concerts you wish to attend, by indicating the number of tickets you would like (maximum of 2 per concert and meal, if you are accompanied by a guest) – subjec t to availability

Concerts 29 Jan 30 Jan 31 Jan 01 Feb 02 Feb 03 Feb 04 Feb 05 Feb 06 Feb (1)The Festival does not cover the surcharge for accommodation and your guest’s dinner.
Gstaad 4pm
Rougemont 7.30pm
Rougemont 11am
Saanen 6.00pm
Saanen 10am
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Requests for interviews

All requests for interviews are handled by the Festival’s press office. Please enter here the names of any artists or festival representatives you would like to interview either before the event or at the venue and we will contact you to arrange details.

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Media contact (Switzerland)
Alexandra Egli
Music Planet
+41 79 293 84 10